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29-08-2013 20:45 GMT - CSS3 Genie is launched!
Few minor visual bugs to fix, and behind the scenes functionality to finish, which should hopefully be ready in the next version.

28-08-2013 - CSS3 Genie is created!


CSS3Genie is an online and interactive CSS3 Generator. CSS3Genie allows you to interactively build and view your css changes before using the inbuilt copy to clipboard function to allow you to use in your own code. We have also spent some time into making it intuitive to use, and even further so made it interactive and compatible with touch screen devices (a feature which currently has been lacking in the CSS3 Generator industry). Now it is even easier to develop websites wherever you are - iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablet, Laptop, Mac, or PC.

By being completely free, we are helping to support small companies to cut production costs through great time reduction, and by also being a great tool, to also help new web developers to get a quick understanding of CSS3 and its' capabilities through the CSS3 Generator.

As this is an on-going service, and due to there being costs incurred to providing such a free service, you may occasionally see advertisements to help support the funding for the project. Alternatively, if we have helped to save you a lot of time, and have proven to be an excellent online CSS3 Generator tool for you, then please feel free to donate!

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CSS3 Genie is constantly updating!

Check regularly for updates and new features.

We will soon have a request a feature option available, and also the option to report any bugs.